What is a Property Inspector?
Photographs real property for occupancy, damage, and for the extent to which damages have been repaired for mortgage companies.

Private Property

Type of Property Inspection services, we support - 

  • Core Exterior Inspection

    • Photographs front, front left, front right, street scene, 2 pictures of street signage, and evidence of occupancy or vacancy.

  • Interior Inspection

    • Core photos plus right, left, rear including whole roofline, any roof damage (from ground level), utilities, pool, and pool gate/fence.  May include lockbox code, lock inbox, lock the opening door with a number, interior evidence of occupancy or vacancy as well as any damage, specifically mildew or water.

  • Insurance Loss Inspection

    • Determining the amount of repair completed, the dollar value or repairs completed based on the total estimated cost as a percentage of the amount completed, and whether the repairs comply with the scope of work.​

** Please inform us if it is a bankruptcy or no-contact inspection so we can ensure to fully comply with FCRA.  Please provide us with the correct vacancy form to place on the door if necessary.