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Justice Jonjy

About us

We recognize the logistical challenges, technical complexities, and emotional trials of dealing with disputes, estates, and major milestones.


We enjoy solving complex technical, social, and abstract challenges for clients where the need requires professional excellence.  Unlike discount retail or in-house services, we offer an exclusive boutique-style approach to provide more convenience, deliberateness, and reassurance using our experience, technical methods, as well as our expertise. 

This ministerial practice was founded by Justice Jonjy and family over 30 years ago as a way to help people in the community facilitate their legal process.  Justice Jonjy found that beautiful milestones like qualifying for an exam, landing a first job, getting married, buying a home, and retiring were marred by minor issues that competitors never addressed or seemed to understand but that could easily be solved by showing empathy.  Jonjy envisioned an empathic practice that deals with these small issues by building relationships with his clients and understanding their unique stories.  By understanding the reason and purpose of transacting process, he could understand what the process actually needed to be.  In the end, Justice Jonjy was founded on the principle that the ministerial process was more than facilitating legal process; it was about helping people make their lives whole.


What goes into being a ministerial officer?

Justice Jonjy ministerial officers are recognized domestic violence advocates, civil rights advocates, civic leaders, community liaisons, and immigrant civics educators.  

They are specifically certified in disciplines that qualify them to perform ministerial processes, including high-risk notarial acts, unusual marriage rituals, and post-judgment execution on money judgments.  

As experts committed to service quality, they are published peer-reviewed authors and community broadcasters in their service areas.  

In addition, they are advanced degree holders who are bonded, licensed, and positively acclaimed.

Jonjy standing in front the home office at 14 Lamplighter drive Shrewsbury MA 01545
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