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What is an Asset Search?

An asset search lawfully verifies asset owners, business due diligence, the history of an asset, and the whereabouts of an individual currently or in the past using publicly available resources.  It is used in collections on past due judgements, child support arrears, and unpaid debts.  It may be used in due diligence investigations prior to business transactions or marriage.

Type of Asset Search Services, we support - 

  • Asset Search

    • Includes verification of real property, recent deed transfers, motor vehicle registration, occupational licenses, and intellectual property registration.  May reveal the identity of joint owners.

  • Corporate Search

    • Can reveal entities that may be holding assets such as corporations, trusts, and limited liability partnerships.

  • Background Check 

    • Can reveal undisclosed civil and criminal liabilities.  Uses commercially available national databanks as opposed to state only. 

  • Employment Background

    • Includes phone calls to past employers, academic status verification, and occupational license verification.

  • Credit check

  • Asset Location Search

  • Locating Assets using public records searches of county court, registry, motor vehicle department, secretary of state, and US Patent and Trademark office databases.

  • Skip Trace/Subject Locate

  • Reviewing asset instruments for leads regarding the current whereabouts of an individual, corporation, or their assets

  • Address History Search

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