Service and Enforcement: $104/h plus statutorily defined fees and costs

Traffic, Security, and EMS Details: $98/h minimum 2h

Security, Investigation, Auctioneer, or Certified Collection Professional Detail $300/h.

There are statutorily defined fees and costs for constables that must be paid so a portion can be remitted to the appointing municipality.  These fees and costs are included in the invoice in accordance with the following fee schedule and are as follows:

Original (Not a copy of or Certified Copy of)

Summons, Trustee Process, Subpoena, and Scire Facias (And keep a copy) -----$20


Obtaining Certified copy of a writ------------$5

Attaching a body or personal property--------$2 per defendant served and $8 additional for custody of body and same per day in custody and $5 per assistant employed

Custody of personal property attached replevied or taken on execution--------------$50 for each day not more than $8h for keeper while he is in charge and $20 for officer not longer than 10 plus expenses for packing labor teaming storage and taking and preparing a schedule of property attached replevied or taken on execution

Attachment of land or leasehold estate ----------------------$20 per defendant and 32c per mile and reimbursement for recording fees and certified copies

Attachment on real estate ---------------------$10 additional per defendant

Writ of replevin

Seizure of property-------------------------$10 per defendant 

Securing and swearing appraisers---------------------------$4 for securing appraisers 

Examining and approving sureties-------------------------$5 for examining and approving sureties 

Delivery of property replevined---------------------$5 for delivery of replevied property processes

For each copy of writ precept or other process5 for each cert copy of writs precepts or other 

Levy on real estate

Preparing and serving a notice of sale-----------------$50 plus 32c a mile

Posting notice of sale----------------------------$20 plus 32c

For necessary expenses of advertising

For the sale of land or any leasehold estate---------------$20 plus 32c

For preparing, executing, and acknowledging deed--------------------$25

for travel each way from the place where I receive the execution to the offices of the register of deeds and my fee for the copy32c and fee for cert copy


Sale of personal property on mesne process or on execution the following

for service of notice to appoint appraisers--------------------------------$8 per person served

necessary expenses of taking and preparing a schedule of property proposed to be sold at cost

for attendance upon and swearing appraisers-------------$10

the amount actually paid to appraisers 

for preparing and posting notice of a proposed sale----------------$10 plus 32c

the necessary expenses of keeper labor and advertising at cost

For custody of property---------------------$10 per day

for services as auctioneer or of an auctioneer at cost

if sale is made on execution- the following poundage may be charged

the fair compensation for the services of an appraiser must not be more the $30

For a closing of sale of real or personal property--------------$10

For taking bail and furnishing and writing the bail bond --------------2 paid by defendant and taxed in his bill of costs if he prevails

Serving an execution on a debtor or trustee---------------------------10 plus 32c

Writ of seisin or possession------------------15 for each parcel

Execution for partition or for assignment of dower or curtesy--------------------2 per day

Capias, habias corpus, ne exeat, or other process of civil arrest in----------------------50 plus more and travel with consent

Venire to juror or Notice to Juror-------------------10 per person served

Witness summons (Civil case)---------------------20 per person served and 2 per cert copy plus witness fee

Dispersing treasurers process warrants and proclamations-----------------------4 per service

Travel---------------------32c  but 6c for travel that exceeds 50mi and only 1 way for travel exceeding 20 mi computed from most remote place of service to court or place or return

Travel for serving venire or notice to jurors----------------------32c a mile for distance actually travelled

For posting warrants and-or notifying town meeting by posting----------------------5 for each copy posted plus 32c for distance actually travelled

Capias in a criminal proceeding-------------------$50 for capias or $20 for capias summons

Making certified copies of mittimus, warrant, or other precept in criminal cases------------------$5

Witness summons or subpoena (criminal cases)-----------------------------$20 plus 32c a mile

273A Child Support Warrant (Order of Non-Support)----------------------------------$20