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What is a Notary?

A notary is a legal witness that legally verifies the authenticity of signatures and


Type of Notary Services, we support - 


  • Apostille

    • We can notarize documents and get them apostilled for use in a foreign country

such as POA or real estate documents used abroad. 

  • Divorce settlements 

    • We can provide asynchronous signing ceremonies for divorcing spouses who do

not wish to complete the signing in each other's presence.

  • Mortgages and Real Estate Transfers

    • We can provide signing agent services to amend or obtain mortgages or transfer

real estate.

  • POA (Power of Attorney) and affidavit

    • We can provide official witnesses and jurat ceremonies for documents requiring


  • I-9 and immigration

    • We can provide a cooperate authorized signer with experience in verifying ID to certify ID for work applications or documents involving foreign identification credentials.

  • Visa and passport

    • We can evaluate proof of parentage for parents requiring consular processing support services for travel consent or travel documents for minors.

  • Guardianship (patient advocate witnessed signings)

    •  We can perform patient advocate services through our partner Golden Hands Clinic LLC (outside link) to provide signings to legally competent adults with questions of capacity to sign.


Do I need an apostille and how does it work?
If you're sending a document for use overseas, you may need an apostille from the secretary of state or department of state.  First, the document must be notarized, then the secretary of state or department of state authenticates the notary signature.  All countries that are a party to the 1964 Hague convention must accept notarized documents from other countries that come with an apostille seal.  Learn more here.


The signer does not have a current valid ID because they are in a nursing home and have not driven a car for years.

In some circumstances, it is acceptable to use a credible witness oath by two credible witnesses who personally know the signer and are not connected financially to the transaction.

The signer is indigent and does not have a driver's license or passport

Any Massachusetts resident with legal status including non-citizens can obtain a Mass ID, which is acceptable as identification for notarization purposes.


The address or name on the ID is not what I use now

 We can proceed based on these considerations:

  • In the end, is the discrepancy generally accepted?

  • If not, is there another acceptable ID with the differing name on it?

  • If not, can both names be signed?

  • If not, is there a credible witness or do I have personal knowledge to attest to the identity of the individual?





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