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What is an Immigration Form Specialist?

Provides referral to attorneys, government officials, and other inside resources. 

Offers guidance and supporting docs of limited scope not requiring a licensed attorney.

Type of Immigration Form Specialist

services, we support - 

  • I-129F or I-130 Family Petition 

    • For spouses, parents, or unmarried children filing within the US

    • Rate: $103.99

  • I-485 and Concurrent Filing

    • For green card application subsequent or concurrent if spouse, parent, or unmarried child filing in the US

    • Rate: $389.99

  • H1B Non-immigrant Worker Petition

    • For green card application for non-immigrant workers filing for immigrant status

    • Rate: $519.99

  • N-400 Application for Permanent Residence

    • For Application for citizenship

    • Price: $389.99

  • General guidance

    • Walkthrough USCIS website, immigration instructions, immigration form sections, package assembly support, and general steps 

    • Price $389.99

** Our services are limited to providing a referral to attorneys as available and exclude detained persons, DACA, Temporary Protected Status/asylum seekers, removal procedures, criminal history, entries without inspection, previous denials in the US or abroad, possible immigration fraud, visa or status violations

** Our services are always limited in scope to non-attorney form filling guidance, data entry, and package mailing.  We make attorney referrals whenever the task goes beyond our scope.

Links For Resources -

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