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What is a Vendor Lookup Service?

A local business with a problem with hawkers or peddlers may request a MA justice of the peace to inspect their credentials. 

Type of Vendor Lookup Services, we support - 

  • MA Standard Vendor Lookup

    • Can verify that the MA street vendor has a proper license from the director of standards of the Commonwealth displayed on-site including the name of city or town and fee paid to the treasurer. 

  • Vendor Lookup for Specific Licenses

    • License verification for more specific credentials that require additional time may include certain business and occupational licenses.  These may include a variety of licenses including the following:

      • Ambulance Services/EMTs

      • Amusement Parks/Carnival Rides

      • Asbestos Abatement

      • Birth, Death, and Marriage Records

      • Boats and Recreational Vehicles / ATV's / OHV's Ski-Snowmobiles

      • Buses and Bus Operators

      • Buildings

      • Business License

      • Cigars/Cigarettes

      • Collection Agencies/Finance Companies/Mortgage Brokers and Lenders/Check Cashiers

      • Concrete Technicians/Concrete-Testing Laboratories

      • Construction Supervisors/Building Inspectors

      • Dairies/Milk Dealers/Milk Plants

      • Detective Agencies/Security Agencies

      • Diesel Fuel

      • Drivers/Non-Drivers/Liquor Purchase/Commercial Drivers

      • Elevators/Elevator Operators/Escalators

      • Employment Agencies

      • Engineering-Related Fields

      • Explosives/Blasting/Fireworks

      • Exterminators

      • Fishing/Hunting/Trapping

      • Guns/Firearms

      • Hawker/Peddlers/Transient Vendors/Motor Vehicle Repair Shops

      • Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Professionals

      • Home Improvement Contractors

      • Insurance Agents/Adjustments/Advisors/Brokers

      • Lawyers

      • Lead Paint

      • Licenses Issued at the Local Level (City or Town Hall Offices)

      • Marriage

      • Motion Picture Operators

      • Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers Licensing Board

      • Notaries Public/Justices of the Peace

      • Nurse Aides

      • Outdoor Advertising

      • Painters' License

      • Pet Shops/Riding Schools, Instructors, and Stables/Cattle Dealers/Guard Dog Businesses

      • Security Alarms for Homes and Businesses

      • Shellfishing/Marine Finishing/Lobstering

      • Stockbrokers/Financial Planners/Investment Advisors

      • Ticket Agencies/Agents

      • Vending Machines for Edible Products and Over the Counter Drugs

      • Warehousemen (Public)

      • Wastewater Treatment Facility Operators 

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