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Welcome!  Learn more about ministerial process here.

We have compiled this helpful batch of external back-links to assist you in beginning your journey to making whole any losses, impaired assets, and transfers.  Please see our About-FAQ or contact us if you have more questions. 

  • I am a landlord, lender, property manager, or real estate investor.

  1. How to evict someone

  2. Notice to quit example

  3. How to fill out the summary process form

  4. What to bring to the hearing

  5. How to enforce a judgment

  6. Post-eviction steps Massachusetts

  7. Money judgment collection steps

  8. How to no trespass someone

  • I am a plaintiff or defendant.

  1. How to get a divorce

  2. How to fill out the divorce form

  3. How to divide property

  4. How to co-parent

  5. How to file for small claims court

  6. How to file for injunctive relief (A restraining order)

  7. What happens if I disobey a court order?

  8. Complaint for modification Massachusetts

  9. Can you drop a lawsuit at any time?

  • I am an executor, patient, senior, spouse, sibling, relative, or descendant.

  1. How to get legally married in MA

  2. What is the order of inheritance without a will in Massachusetts

  3. How to file for probate 

  4. Mass ID online

  5. How to get durable power of attorney

  6. How to file for bankruptcy in Massachusetts

  7. Who gets paid first in bankruptcy?

  8. How to get a conservatorship

  9. How to file for adoption

  10. How to transfer a vehicle title

  11. How to get a decedent's car out of impound in Massachusetts

  12. How to transfer title to a house

  13. How to get a guardian-ship

  14. How to make a homestead declaration

  15. How to write a power of attorney

  16. How to write a will Massachusetts

  17. How to create a family trust

  • I am a delinquent debtor, default debtor, judgment debtor, evictee, or contemnor.

  1. Where can I find a pro bono attorney?

  2. How can I represent myself pro se?

  3. How do I make and serve a subpoena in MA?

  4. If police is not taking action on complaint

  5. How do you get victim compensation

  6. Where I can get emergency housing

  7. Department of transitional assistance

  8. Where I can find rental assistance

  9. Assistance for landlords not receiving rent

  10. No harassment order Massachusetts

  11. Abuse prevention order Massachusetts

  12. Do police have to tell you why you are being detained?

  13. How do I get my property back from the police?

  14. If my car gets repossessed, can I get it back?

  15. Can you pay off a warrant without going to jail?

  16. Can you pay off a capias warrant without going to jail?

  17. How to stop collection agencies from calling

Ministerial solutions

Who offers specialized notary, justice of peace, and law enforcement services?

Ministerial solutions mean mediating, appraising, and executing legal processes on assets in dispute, litigation, or estate.  It recognizes the logistical challenges, complex bureaucracy, and high emotional costs in settling disputes, determining asset value, and closing.

What are ministerial solutions?

Jonjy standing in front the home office at 14 Lamplighter drive Shrewsbury MA 01545

Only exclusively trained specialists offer key solutions for solving these unique legal problems.  They specialize in clients in real estate, divorce litigation, and estates.  They are experienced mediators, appraisers, and ministerial law enforcement officers passionate about delighting you with an experience of professional excellence. 

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