• Clean water

  • Less overdevelopment

  • Ending school overcrowding, bullying, and drug use

  • Senior Transportation

Dear Shrewsbury Resident,


Thank you for being a part of our cherished town, I care deeply about our town and its growth.  Shrewsbury has great schools, young families, a well-educated labor force, competitive pricing for our utility services, and the lowest property tax rate of any town in the region. 


My vision is much like yours.  We wish to see our town as beautiful, efficient, having the best quality schools, providing homes for a variety of people from different backgrounds or age groups, and with innovative businesses that provide jobs for all income levels.  Our schools should nurture growth in next gen work-force areas such as robotics, AI, and genetic sciences.  Most importantly, local government should support the everyday quality of life of residents, support business to thrive, and conserve the purity of natural resources for the betterment of the community. 


As I go around the town talking to people, their primary concerns shared with me are:


-Clean Water

-Less overdevelopment

-Ending school overcrowding, bullying, and drug use

-Senior Transportation


Working together, we can problem solve such issues through inclusive civic engagement, restricting development to conserve the unique character of each neighborhood, raising revenue through public private partnerships, and encouraging educational-recreational activities for residents of all ages. 


From my experiences as a small business entrepreneur, domestic violence advocate, State Commissioner (MA Asian American Commission), published peer reviewed researcher with a medical background, and board chairman/president of WCUW 91.3FM, I can offer unique insights that are meaningful to be your voice on our board of selectmen.  I have expertise in fiscal budget analysis to harness the proposed 2020 $149,278,000 budget and apply reasonable, balanced judgement.   


Shrewsbury, with its reported 37,387 residents, is a friendly town because it has beautiful people like you and your family.  I will stay in touch with all our constituents.  This campaign is for the people, please give me a chance to represent you.   Only your vote on May 7th  or by absentee ballot can achieve any change.


Best wishes,

Jonjy Ananth