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Our Story

As a volunteer public servant carrying on a family tradition of public service, Justice Jonjy Ananth discovered many people lacked access to legal support services that could offer a service that would cover for all their legal support needs while doing it with earnest and accuracy.  Too many times, Justice JONJY witnessed legal situations for vulnerable people fall apart where domestic violence victims faced deportation, elderly seniors were cheated out of their retirement investments, and wedding ceremonies were cancelled on the wedding day.

Justice Jonjy Ananth vowed to create a legal support service that would be creative, expert, and caring.  Using his doctoral level education, 18+ years' experience in public service, and the support of his former clients who recommended him wholeheartedly, Justice JONJY ANANTH embarked on a new model of legal support service that would combine 3 support roles, commonly practiced independently into one powered by electronic means.  These roles, constable, notary, and justice of the peace, are commonly practiced in a reserve or retirement capacity not to their fullest potential and not enabled by technology.  By practicing them together, not only can the overlap provide a one stop shop service for legal process, but Justice JONJY ANANTH envisions a technology enabled legal process service that combines the creativity of combining these three services with the expert ability and caring of technology enabled due diligence efforts.

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Meet Your Legal Support Officer

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Jonjy Ananth



18 years of legal process support experience


Notary Signing Agent

Immigration Forms Specialist


Gold Medal Service Award - the White House

Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for Volunteer Service

MA Governors' citation for volunteer service


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