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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use an expired ID?

  • Unfortunately, you must contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles to obtain a State ID.  If this is not possible due to missing documents and mobility issues, a credible witness oath may be an option to ask us about in some circumstances.  We recommend keeping up-to-date IDs and completing the estate process with the help of an attorney as early as possible before any disability occurs in life.

Does a foreign passport count as an ID?

  • Yes, provided we can vet its security features: The foreign passport is current/valid, contains a photo, and includes a signature.

Can you provide notary witnesses?

  • Yes.

How does the money judgment work?

  • We need a hold harmless agreement signed and the original warrant or other proof of perfected lien.  We'll need to ensure the title is transferred before we can take possession, and once in possession, we will transfer it to you within one business day.

How does a capias work?

  • We need the original warrant and any descriptive information you can provide.  

We will coordinate with local authorities to negotiate voluntary compliance and safe execution of the warrant.

What is the process of getting married in MA?

  • Appear as a couple at the town clerk's office with a current, valid government-issued ID and complete an intention to marry form.  After three days, the clerk will issue a license that must be presented to a Justice of Peace or another marriage officiant to witness your vows and sign the marriage license for recording at the clerk's office.  Certified copies can be obtained from the clerk's office within a few business days, and we recommend getting 2-3 if possible.

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