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"Jonjy performed a simple but meaningful marriage ceremony for me in the middle of the pandemic.  He followed all safety procedures and did a wonderful job.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.  I highly recommend."  

~ Enrique Santos

"At the beginning of the pandemic, I knew it would be challenging finding a Justice of the Peace as a solid fit for my wedding until I found Jonjy. Not only was Jonjy very responsive and reasonable, but he was also able to cater to all our needs.

On another note, I felt like Jonjy put a special bubble or forcefield around our relationship and marriage, protecting us again[st] any dark or evil spirits. It’s been two years now since I’ve been married to an immigrant (she just got accepted [for] her green card after the interview today) and we have always been very happy together. Thanks again Jonjy!"

~ Chris Spinks

What is a Justice of Peace?

  A Justice of Peace legally officiates marriages 

About My Justice -

  • Custom personalized marriage ceremonies

  • Experienced as EmCee

  • Recognized for charitable public service

The Process - 

  • Book online or call, let your justice walk you through the process by phone

  • Meet your justice to discuss the elements that will make your ceremony personal and special - usually an hour

  • Continue planning through telephone conversations and e-mails - rituals, content insertions, rites or readings, rehearsal dates

  • Have a rehearsal with your justice and all parties involved to make sure everything goes perfect on your special day

  • Have the wedding of your dreams that reflects your own personal and unique love story


What should be in the ceremony?

There is no prescribed form of the ceremony but most have the following elements:

  • Greeting

  • Reading

  • Statement about marriage

  • Vows

  • Second reading

  • Exchange of rings

  • Declaration of marriage


Is there a prenuptial conference required?

There isn't one required, but it is a good idea to make sure we're on the same page about how you're marriage ceremony is personalized

Can you perform marriage ceremonies for same-gender, other languages, and mixed or foreign cultures?

In MA all of these can be done.

Tips for a successful ceremony?

  • Meet your justice

  • Book early

  • Share something personal about your heritage

  • Add a unique ritual, vow insertion, special reading to make it unique

  • Have fun!

  • Commit to meeting your justice and renewing your vows every year at least

What is the simplest most convenient ceremony we can get?

The simplest is an elopement.  An elopement is when the couple comes by themselves and gets married in front of their justice.  This is often more convenient to avoid the stress of a big ceremony or with a destination wedding where the couple wants to avoid the legal complexities of marrying in a foreign country by getting legally married first before traveling around for their wedding with guests.


The fees for Justices of the Peace officiating at a wedding are set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  These rates only apply to in-office legal marriage.   Please connect with us for a quote if you need a mobile clergy marriage on-site.

  • Initial Consultation...$49.99

  • Officiating at a wedding in the Town of Shrewsbury...$99.99

  • Officiating at a wedding outside the Town of Shrewsbury...$149.99

  • Attending a rehearsal in the Town of Shrewsbury...$99.99  

  • Attending a rehearsal outside the Town of Shrewsbury...$149.99

  • Vow renewals in the Town of Shrewsbury...$99.99

  • Vow renewals outside the Town of Shrewsbury...$149.99  

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