What is Justice of Peace?

  A Justice of Peace legally officiates the marriage license issued by

  the city or town clerk 


How to Get Married in


1. File an Intention to Marry with your Town/City Clerk

2. Wait 3 days

3. Say your Vows in front of Justice JONJY ANANTH

4. Enjoy your marriage

What We Provide

  • Eligibility confirmation

    • The couple must be at least consenting 18 years old or older adults and unmarried or legally divorced.  

  • Scheduling

    • The solemnization date must be in Massachusetts at least 3 days after submitting an intent to marry form with the town or city clerk and at least 48 hours from the time of providing a final quote 

  • Ceremony

    • Select a standard non-denominational ceremony or from over 50 non-denominational custom ceremony scripts

  • Pre-nuptial counseling*

    • Discuss ceremony or wedding options, consider pre-marital checklist, and finalize plan for legal marriage

  • Fees and Honoraria

    • $100 performed in Shrewsbury, $150 performed out of Shrewsbury, $50 for pre-nuptual counseling, $100 for special requests, $30 for performing rituals, $50 for custom ceremony insertions or speech readings, Honoraria appreciated. 

  • Referrals

    • Tap into our network of family lawyers, caterers, florists, entertainers, venue operators, videographers, and decorators

 ** This service is required for solemnization in order to avoid concerns at the solemnization ceremony.

We Serve the Following Commissions -

  • Master of Ceremonies

    • For conducting parties or other engagements or for convening meetings by warrant upon request by a required portion of stockholders or members when there is lack of quorum, bi-laws, officers, or cooperation.

  • Parliamentarian and Mediator

    • Can preside over corporate or town meetings in the absence of or in support of officers in order to mediate by moderating equal time to speak.

  • Municipal Office and Corporate Officiant

    • For swearing in stockholders and municipal office holders to free up clerks time

  • Conservator of the Peace 

    • For safeguarding events from affray using verbal warrant empowering officers and others to suppress offenders.

  • Property Warrant and Acknowledgement

    • For requiring recording of un-recorded transfers and closing mortgages or real estate transfers

  • Appraiser Officiant

    • For appointment and swearing in of appraisers for possessed or lost property

  • Deed Acknowledgement

    • For properties that need to draft a new deed, Certificate of acknowledgement allows the deed to be recorded if previously unacknowledged by the parties executing the deed.

  • Bail taker*

    • If a detention would be prolonged, over a weekend, or adversely affect a vulnerable person, A JP may work with the parties, bail bondmen, or attorneys to seek permission to take bail.

  • Out of state discoverer by subpoena and summons

    • Solely responsible for issuance of out of state subpoena or summons from courts of ME or states adjoining the Commonwealth.  May issue in state subpoena on behalf of out of state courts for documents or witness deposition.

  • Deposition Conductor and Videographer

    • For subpoena issuance, notice of subpoena, swearing in of deposition, voice court reporting by videography, preliminary written inquisition interrogatories, and Transcript Jurat

 ** Requires petition by selectmen or alderman for permission from governor and council provided the district court clerk does not reside in the same city or town.

Links for Resources - 

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