What is Justice of Peace?

  A Justice of Peace legally officiates the marriage license issued by

  the city or town clerk 

How to Get Married in


1. File an Intention to Marry with your Town/City Clerk

2. Wait 3 days

3. Say your Vows in front of Justice JONJY ANANTH

4. Enjoy your marriage

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What We Provide

  • Standard marriage ceremony – religious/non-religious - Price: $150 

  • Anniversary commitment ceremony: Price: $150 

  • Custom Readings, Insertions, or Rituals into the Vows: Price: $50/addition

  • Custom marriage ceremony: Price: $150 

  • Rehearsal Ceremony: Price: $150 

       Honoraria are accepted/appreciated, 

       Note - $50 discount for residents of Shrewsbury MA

We Specialize in 

Customary marriage

  • Traditional marriage

  • Indian Hindu Wedding 

  • Non-ceremonial non-religious

Diverse marriage

  • Interracial Marriage

  • Interfaith

  • Inter-caste or inter-class ​

  • Cross-ethnic or cross-cultural


  • Ethnic minority/ethnic ceremony

  • Inter-lingual


  • Accommodative wedding for seniors/people with disabilities/emancipated minors,

  • Remarriage (post-divorce or legalizing common law marriage)

  • Long-distance relationship

  • Simple ceremony wedding

  • Rehearsal ceremony

  • Engagement

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