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Ritual solemnization

Jonjy chapel
Flower display and conference table
Jonjy wedding chapel

In addition to minister—Justice of Peace solemnization, we provide unique special accommodations at the couples' request for non-denomination or multidenominational rituals, readings from our professionally drafted sayings written explicitly for the couple's love relationship, and custom-written vows with personalized insertions from the couple on what commitments they hold most meaningful to their special union, which in our over 30 years of experience has been an essential part of creating a bond that lasts.

Justice Jonjy Ananth conducting a marriage

"Jonjy performed a simple but meaningful marriage ceremony for me in the middle of the pandemic.  He followed all safety procedures and did a wonderful job.  I wouldn't have changed a thing.  I highly recommend."  

Enrique Santos

Justice Jonjy wedding in front of the island at 14 Lamplighter drive Shrewsbury

"At the beginning of the pandemic, I knew it would be challenging finding a Justice of the Peace as a solid fit for my wedding until I found Jonjy. Not only was Jonjy very responsive and reasonable, but he was also able to cater to all our needs.

On another note, I felt like Jonjy put a special bubble or forcefield around our relationship and marriage, protecting us again[st] any dark or evil spirits. It’s been two years now since I’ve been married to an immigrant (she just got accepted [for] her green card after the interview today) and we have always been very happy together. Thanks again Jonjy!"

Cris Spinks


This is a basic recognition of a valid legal marriage license and consenting adult partners who are legally eligible to marry in Massachusetts.  


Custom vows

We will help you write your vows with a prenuptial conference to learn more about you as a couple so we can correspond with you and brainstorm ideas to make your marriage ceremony truly special.


Readings and Rituals

We will use our specialized venue, dress ornaments, decorations, sound/light system, photography, unofficial certificate of rituals performed, and print materials to capture the essence of themed non-denominational or denominational rituals. 

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