What is a Constable?

A Constable serves papers and follows through on court orders for civil cases


​Services that we provide -

Service and Enforcement: $75/h plus statutorily defined fees and costs

Traffic, Security, and EMS Details: $80/h minimum 2h

We serve or execute civil notice, process, and warrants in cases related to:

  • Notice to quit

  • Eviction

  • Child support

  • Divorce

  • Summons-Process Subpoena 

  • Lawsuit Complaint

  • Warrants

  • Guardianship 

  • Conservatorship

  • Child visitation 

  • Adoption

  • Supplemental Action

  • Trustee Action

  • Joinder Action

  • CRA (Child Requiring Assistance)

  • Inspectional Services

​We Enforce -

  • Eviction​​

  • Levy

  • Sale

  • Capias*

  • Attachments*


** Search, detention, transport, examination, court appearance, referral for prosecution, conditional bonded release, and prevention of fleeing are available to be executed

** Wage garnishment, license suspension, garnishment of tax rebates or lottery earnings, credit bureau reporting, and arrest are available to enforce civil attachments or judgments for replevin or execution

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