What is a Constable

A Constable serves papers and follows through on court orders for civil cases


​Services that we provide -

 We serve civil notice, process, and warrant orders in cases related to:

  • Notice to quit

  • Eviction

  • Child support

  • Divorce

  • Summons-Process Subpoena 

  • Lawsuit Complaint

  • Warrants

  • Guardianship 

  • Conservatorship

  • Child visitation 

  • Adoption

​We Enforce -

  • Subpoena Service* 

    • Can use subpoenas and use non-public databases for superior defendant location.

  • Evictions* 

    • The name on the title must match the name of the defendant on the motion of execution.

  • Restraining Order/Extreme Risk Protection Order/Harassment Prevention Order or No Trespass Order

    •  A defendant who has been barred from a contact with a person, a firearm, or premises is hand-served and local police informed.

  • Capias Execution for Contempt*

    • Before judgement, a defendant on bond or with an unanswered summons or charge who fails to appear must appear to get a recall or else they are brought to court.  Highly successful in convincing defendants to come to court voluntarily.

  • Capias Pro Fine Execution for Contempt*

    • After judgement, a defendant who fails to meet the judgement requirements is brought to court to find out why.  Highly successful in convincing defendants to come to court voluntarily.

  • Levy and Sale for Personal or Real Property*

    • The property possessed is sold at a courthouse auction.

  • Levy and Suspend for Personal or Real Property* 

    • Can notarize/attest the demand on execution and serve a lien on real property or personal property.  Performs asset location search for property, corporate ownership, vehicles, and IP.  

  • Civil Child Support Warrant*

    • If a non-custodial parent evades a child support obligation, the court may issue a child support warrant.  Effective at deterring habitual non-payors who exploit lack of law enforcement resources. 

  • Child Support Services through Wage Garnishment Execution*

    • When a non-custodial parent is ordered to pay child support, the court may order wage garnishment.  Can deter non-payment by referral to credit reporting bureaus and for suspension of drivers' license, passport, or MA tax rebate.

*May refer to the assistance or additional resources in extreme cases.  The client is responsible for hiring bonded towing company, moving company, or locksmith where necessary.

**We are happy to answer questions about what services we offer and resources available.

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