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Process service and enforcement

We serve all process in civil disputes for eviction, recovery, and credit default.    We can assist discovery by subpoena and deposition.  We can assist efforts to liquify assets by public auction and appraise assets at fair market value.

Justice Jonjy swearing in as constable


Process service

We serve all administrative and judicial process.  We can hand-serve, post, or facilitate a voluntary pickup.



We perform the entire eviction process from notice to quit to turning over possession.  We can provide template forms, collect past-due rent, mediate with tenants to leave voluntarily, and perform faster turnaround times to getting your property back.


Recovery and credit default

We can seize and liquify assets towards full satisfaction of a court ordered payment.  We can assist in the auction appraisal process for all asset classes.  We can attach by lien any recorded asset by court order.  All non-compliant debtors can be enforced by capias order to appear.

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